November 16, 2000


with the release of tagged-0.21 (beta version) I also got this site up and running.

Get tagged-0.40, try it and send me an email, if you like it. (and of course also, if you don't like it and tell me, what's wrong with it.)

If you want to get an email, when there is a new version of tagged, subscribe to the (low-level-traffic)

See you


P.S: If you are interested in helping to develop tagged, please send me also an email.

P.P.S: I know that this page is not very nice. So, if you are able to redesign it, you would be very welcome to do it.


tagged should become a collection of perl tools to read, change and write different tags of MP3 audio files.

Latest version: tagged-0.40.tar.gz - Release Notes & Changes

At the moment tagged includes:


MP3::Tag is a perl module that reads tags from MP3 audio files.
At the moment ID3v1/ID3v1.1 and ID3v2.3 tags are supported. You can use MP3::Tag to read, change, write and delete this tags.
MP3::Tag is a module for perl, that means you can't start it directly, but have to write a program, which can use these librarys. In tagged-0.40.tar.gz you find some example, how to do this. There comes also documentation with the modules.. manpage manpage
ID3v2 manpage ID3v2-Data manpage

tk-tag is a graphical interface to MP3::Tag. It is based on Perl/Tk. You can use it to view tags and to create / change / save / remove ID3v1 / ID3v1.1 and ID3v2.3 tags.
tk-tag readme

tagit is a command line orientated program to change/save ID3v1.1 tags. It can also be used to set the filename accordingly to the information found in a tag. For this you can set the format of a filename as you like, even saying to create directorys accorfing to the tag information.
tagit readme

This is a small example program, to see how to use MP3::Tag. It prints all information found in tags of a MP3 file to STDOUT.
tagged readme

The main web page for the development of tagged is hosted at Sourceforge, but you can find this module also at CPAN
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ID3 info

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