This program is a graphical interface for the MP3::Tag library.

Most buttons do not have a function yet.

But is shows you already the contents of the ID3v1/ID3v1.1 and ID3v2.3 tags and let you change and save these tags. If you change something, the changes will only be saved if you click on 'Save changes' or press Control-S. This is the same after using the remove button. Without saving the changes, nothing will be removed permanently.

Following functions work already:

If you select several filenames at once, another frame will appear. Later it should be possible to apply some of the above functions automatically to a group of files (hence the filter function and Control-A for select all). By now deselect the files and the normal frame will reappear.

To use this program, you must have the Tk and Tk::JPEG modules from CPAN installed. And of course MP3::Tag. Thomas

Filename format

To set the filename from the data in the ID3v1 tag, you specify a format string:
%a replaced with artist
%s replaced with song
%l replaced with album
%t replaced with track
%y replaced with year
%g replaced with genre
%c replaced with comment

Options for %x: (where x is one of the above a, s, l, t, y, g or c):

%nx use only first n characters
artist="artist name" %4a = "arti"
%n:cx use at least n characters, if %x is shorter, fill it with character c
track=3 %2:0t = '03'
artist="abc" %5:_a = "__abc"
%n!:cx same as %n:cx, but if %x is longer than n, cut it at n
artist="abc" %5:_a = "__abc"
artist="abcdefg" %5:_a = "abcde"


'%a - %s.mp3'
'%1:.l/%2:0t.%a - %s.mp3'